Kyoto Cafe - Scheveningen

Hi Munchies! A few weeks ago I had dinner at Kyoto Cafe in Scheveningen and I loved it! From time to time I want to share hotspots I love, even if it's in other countries. Today, I want to share some delicious food from the Kyoto Cafe! It's a Japanese restaurant, as you can say from the name, and the sushi is DELICIOUS, I can tell you. The decoration is really Japanese because some of the tables were lower and you're being served by waiters wearing Kimono.


Vlog #6 - RAMEN YA!

Hi Munchies! Vlog #6 is online now. I made this vlog 2 weeks ago and I finally had time to edit this one. So enjoy!


Motivational Quotes

Hi Munchies! I know quotes are so clichè and I find it annoying when people post quotes all the time but sometimes, I search for quotes. Yeah, I do. Sometimes quotes do motivate me to go on and that's why I want to share some inspirational and motivational quotes. 


HiphopKingz 2015 || C4U

Hi Munchies! Vorig week deden wij (C4U) mee aan HipHop Kingz. Jammer genoeg zaten we niet in de top 3 maar het was zeker wel een leuke ervaring! Bekijk het filmpje eronder om te zien hoe wij hebben gedanst.


Photo Diary: Week 12 - NO FOOD!?

Hi Munchies! Last week I did a lot of stuff, like things for my blog and for school. BUT, I noticed I didn't make any pictures of food.. How could that happen!? I don't even know.

Monday, March 16
I never thought I could make pictures like these