Hi munchies! 

This will be my very first giveaway! It's getting really cold these days and somehow you need to survive these cold days. That's why I made a little package with cute stuff and I will give it to somebody.

The package contains:
- Labello lipbalm set
- Cute candles (not on the picture)
- Batiste dry shampoo
- Gloves for touchscreen
- Superfood: Goji berries
- Vogue magazine which includes a Vogue beanie


Photo diary: Week 47

I decided to go on with my photo diary posts, because I do like it. When it's 2015 I can look back to 2014 and I'll see how I wasted my time by doing nothing most of the time, haha no just joking. I think I'm doing a lot of things right now. And actually this week wasn't busy at all.

Tuesday, November 18

I went to school and learned a lot about carbohydrates. 
My brains couldn't handle this anymore. DYING.


Photo diary: Week 46

Hi munchies, I love to make pictures of everything like food, clothes, people, inspiration, random stuff and so on. I was thinking: "If I make pictures everyday, why won't I share it with y'all?". You'll see this post every monday and I'll show the pictures I took the week before. Let me know what you think of this kind of posts, if you like it I'll continue doing this and if not, I'll think about it then!

Monday, November 10

It's now autumn and almost winter time. It's turning really cold with a lot of rain and wind, therefore my hands are really dry. They've always been dry but it's now even worse! This hand cream of Nivea will help my skin through this cold weather.



Hi munchies! How are you all doing? I've been really busy lately and I have my exams this week but I wanted tell you a few things. First, I have been spending more time in making video's and less time in blogposts but that doesn't mean I'll stop making blogposts, even tho I haven't posted in a while. Whoops! And the other thing I wanted to say, after I killed my exams I will post a lot of stuff, like vlogs, outfit video's, reviews and more blog posts! Because I think I don't put enough time in my blog.

Please let me know what kind of posts or video's you want to see! Because a lack of inspiration is one of the reasons I don't post a lot.

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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