Back To School Hairstyles

Some of you went to school this week or are going to school next week and that's why I made a Back To School video. I will show you how to do some easy hairstyles. Watch the video and let me know which hairstyle is your favourite!


Review: Oriental Express

Last week I went to the city with my sister because she needed an outfit for a birthday party. Unfortunately we didn't find anything but at least we tried some things though. We got hungry and looked for a place to eat something light, like a salad but we ended up in a Chinese restaurant to eat Dim Sum! That's light, right.. It is located in Rotterdam, nearby the Central Station. 


Dance vid || Keatian - Change your mind

Three weeks ago my friend Keatian told me about his idea, he wanted to film a dance vid and he wanted me to dance with him! I was really stoked and he taught me his choreo, it was really fun to train for a shoot because I never did that. He told me the vid won't have a story and stuff, just awesome people dancing and sharing their passion!

On the filming day it was really sunny and Keatian wanted to shoot on the beach. The location was really nice as you will see. It went well and it was a fun day with everyone because after the filming thing we just chilled at the beach.

Enjoy the dance vid!


Review: Umami Amsterdam

After a long afternoon shopping in Amsterdam, I went to this delicate restaurant called.. Umami! It's an All-in Asian Cuisine at the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 161 and it was a fair price of €25,- per person excluding drinks.
Front View


Travel Diary: Leiden & Amsterdam

Last week I went to Leiden to visit a museum, Sieboldhuis, because there was an exhibition of Japanese Characters. Yay! Think about Pikachu and Hello Kitty. After that I went to Amsterdam to walk around in the city and shop a bit. At last, I ate in a restaurant called Umami. Just watch the vid and let me know what you think of it! Next week I'll post a review of Umami Amsterdam, so stay tuned.