Vid: Outfits of July

My very first outfit vid! I put a lot of time in this vid and I hope you will like it. I will show you four outfits I wore in July. If you liked it, please like, comment, subscribe and share. Enjoy!


Review: Ontbijtbar, Rotterdam

Last month, I walked past a store known as the 'Ontbijtbar'. Ontbijt means breakfast, so they only sell breakfast. It's located in Rotterdam, nearby the Central Station and next to 'The Chinatown of Rotterdam'. The store looked really cosy and inviting, I wanted to sit there and get some food but it was closed already.



Two days ago, I had my graduation ceremony and received that piece of paper that proves I'm smart enough to go to college. Finally, I'm done with high school and I'm going to college this September. As I said in my first blog post, I will study Nutrition and Dietetics.


First post || Introduction

This is my first official post! Finally! I always wanted my own blog but I couldn't find the time to start one, but now I will make time for this. I want to introduce myself and show some pictures of things I like.