Hi Munchies! It has been exactly two weeks ago I uploaded a video. I had a really busy time at school because I had my exams. This weekend I got time to edit a vlog and now I uploaded it! I did vlog on April 3 and what did I do that day? I filmed the Whisper Challenge with Karman and in the evening I had dinner with friends at Shabu Shabu. We ate a lot of sushi!

 Just watch the vlog and enjoy :)


Whisper Challenge!

Hi Munchies! Today I uploaded the Whisper Challenge on my Youtube channel and I did it together with my friend Karman. It was a fun challenge to do and we'll do more challenges! Enjoy the vid!


Vlog #7 - BEAT DA BEAT

Hi Munchies! A few days ago I uploaded a new vlog but I didn't have time to post it online on my blog and Facebook and that's why I'm doing it now. In this vlog I had a dance competition, so watch the vlog to see how it went!