Review: Oriental Express

Last week I went to the city with my sister because she needed an outfit for a birthday party. Unfortunately we didn't find anything but at least we tried some things though. We got hungry and looked for a place to eat something light, like a salad but we ended up in a Chinese restaurant to eat Dim Sum! That's light, right.. It is located in Rotterdam, nearby the Central Station. 

The sister!

I ordered the Milk Tea Latté with cereals

My sister ordered the Red Beans & Coconut Milk Bubble Tea
 We wanted to order dim sum and we also wanted to try something new, so they were selling steamed vegetarian pastries with shark fin! We never ate that so we decided to try that one out.

Dim Sum Mix

Steamed Vegetarian Pastries with Shark Fin
Here is the funny part, we saw "kippenpootjes" in Black Bean Sauce. If you say "kippenpootjes" in the Netherlands, people will immediately think that you're talking about chicken drumsticks. So, we thought we ordered drumsticks in Black Bean Sauce but.. the "pootjes" were literally feet. In front of us were chicken feet in Black Bean Sauce instead of drumsticks. At first, I didn't notice those chicken feet and that was really weird because when the waiter served the chicken feet, I just quickly made a picture of it without realizing it weren't drumsticks. After eating the dim sum, I thought: "Wait, those drumsticks looked a bit small.. Let me check again." So I checked the "kippenpootjes" and I saw some feet.. The high expectations escalated quickly. But hey! I was still positive because we were going to try something new, right!? Oh and my sister asked the waitress how to eat the chicken feet and she was like: "Guuurl, you're asian, why are you even asking that?" 

So, how did I experience Oriental Express? I thought the interior was really modern and asian, it was clean and really comfortable. The waiters were nice and helped me as fast as they could. That's really good because I'm not a big fan of waiting. The Dim Sum Mix was good, it consisted of Ha Kau, Sieuw Mai, Mini Springrolls with Shrimps and Fried Shrimp Pastries. I enjoyed the whole mix except the Fried Shrimp Pastries because there was too much oil and after eating that I felt a bit nauseous. Luckily, I didn't throw up because that would be such a waste of the other dim sum. I expected more of the Steamed Pastries with Shark Fin because it sounds so unique and special! It has a lot of flavor but the shark fin itself kinda lacks it. I still want to try the Shark Fin Soup somewhere, it's a popular soup in China so it's on my to-eat-list! ha-ha. Anyway earlier I wrote about the Chicken Feet and you know I didn't expect to get that on my plate. But I'm a sucka for trying out new things, so I couldn't pass on this one! There it goes, I picked up the chicken feet and it's really soft! The thing is, you're actually only eating the skin and there was a bit of meat on it. It's not like eating spareribs.. (I ate spareribs later that day tho). It has a weird texture and I didn't feel like eating a lot more but I was like: "Maybe I have to get used to it." So I ate two of them. However, I still didn't like it but the sauce was delicious! I'm sorry my fellow asians, I guess I'm an asian who doesn't like chicken feet. My sister didn't like it as well, so she's with me! Together we are the Anti-Chicken-Feet Sisters haha! After all, I still want to go back to try the other dishes and it isn't too expensive. On to the next restaurant!

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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  1. Chicken feet are awesome. And so is your blog, keep it up!

  2. Oeh dat ziet er echt super lekker uit allemaal!

    Much Love, M

  3. Wat een ontzettende leuke foto's. En die bloemen daar, wauwie. Kippenpoten, mmm ik weet niet of ik dat zo snel zou eten :P

  4. Oef dat ziet er lekker uit! Leuke blog heb je!

    Kim / www.vintageandbeauty.com