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Hi Munchies! A few weeks ago I had dinner at Kyoto Cafe in Scheveningen and I loved it! From time to time I want to share hotspots I love, even if it's in other countries. Today, I want to share some delicious food from the Kyoto Cafe! It's a Japanese restaurant, as you can say from the name, and the sushi is DELICIOUS, I can tell you. The decoration is really Japanese because some of the tables were lower and you're being served by waiters wearing Kimono.

 My lovely date!

You'll get this piece of paper (on the left) and you can write the numbers down of the sushi you like. It's like Sumo but you can have as much sushi like, there's no limit per person. 

We ordered some Japanese tea instead of softdrinks because when you drink softdrinks, you'll feel full very fast. The mug was really artsyfartsy, the Hokusai Wave was presented on the mug.

 Gladly, these Edamame had salt on it. I know some restaurants don't put salt on them.

 Unagi maki and flambéed salmon. Delicious!

 We ordered Calpis but we got still water instead of 

 The miso soup was yummy! Just like the other miso soups I ate in other Japanese restaurants.

Flambéed Shrimps.

 This was one of the dishes I really dislike, scallops maki. I never thought the scallops were raw and I really didn't like the structure of it. 

I love this! 

This one was the best sushi I had that night. It was perfect! 

And we ended our dinner with green tea ice cream with crêpe and chocolate sauce.

You can pay per dish or you can choose for the "unlimited menu". You can order as much as you want. 

Food quality: 
Price: ☆ 
(1 star = cheap, 2 stars = normal, 3 stars = expensive)
I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you want to eat great sushi and I know this isn't the only Japanese restaurant with delicious sushi. On to the next hotspot!

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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