Photo Diary: week 10 - Nike Fuelband and POCKY!

Hi Munchies! Vorig week was erg leuk maar ik heb niet van alles een foto kunnen maken. Hieronder zie je een paar dingen die ik gedaan heb!

Monday, March 2
My dad cooked this for me but I couldn't finish it all :(
Tuesday, March 3

This is the Pocky I bought in the Philippines. It looks really cute!
I bought a Nike Fuelband and I'm really happy with it!
Wednesday, March 4

I moved a lot today so I torched my Daily Goal by 150% :D
Thursday, March 5
I love the decoration!!
Friday, March 6
I bought a new foundation and this time I chose this one of Bobbi Brown!
Saturday, March 7
I kinda celebrated my birthday with friends and we went to a party!
 Sunday, March 8

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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