Photo Diary: Week 12 - NO FOOD!?

Hi Munchies! Last week I did a lot of stuff, like things for my blog and for school. BUT, I noticed I didn't make any pictures of food.. How could that happen!? I don't even know.

Monday, March 16
I never thought I could make pictures like these 

Tuesday, March 17
I went jogging with my boyfriend after school. It was really cold outside but the air was FRESH, because we went jogging at the beach.

SCHEVENINGEN! It was really dark tho.

Wednesday, March 18
I made pictures for the review! 

I curled my hair but I burnt my arm on the curling iron, sucks. After a week, it still hurts.

Saturday, March 21
Yeah, explains it all.

Sunday, March 22

We had a competition: UDO! 

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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