Review: Ontbijtbar, Rotterdam

Last month, I walked past a store known as the 'Ontbijtbar'. Ontbijt means breakfast, so they only sell breakfast. It's located in Rotterdam, nearby the Central Station and next to 'The Chinatown of Rotterdam'. The store looked really cosy and inviting, I wanted to sit there and get some food but it was closed already.

Last week I had an early appointment at the city centre and decided to get breakfast at the Ontbijtbar with my boyfriend. The sun was shining already at 10 am so I wanted to sit outside, but the tables were already taken unfortunately. We went inside and I noticed the furniture didn't look expensive. The store looked like a place where you get breakfast when you have a hangover. Does it sound familiar? Haha. The menu was a big chalk board where you can choose pancakes, granola, oatmeal, eggs Benedict and sandwiches. Everything is home made and they're using natural products. I ordered the Eggs Benedict Bacon and my boyfriend ordered the Eggs Benedict Salmon. After we ordered our food, we sat down inside in front of the door because it was so hot! After 10 or 15 minutes we got our Eggs Benedict served on paper boards.

Eggs Benedict Salmon

Eggs Benedict Bacon

It was the first time eating Eggs Benedict, so actually I can't compare it right now. I love to see that moment when you slightly cut the egg a bit and the egg yolk flows out of it like a waterfall. I also like the combination with bacon because the egg is really soft and the bacon is so crunchy. Yummm! I didn't like my apple/pear yoghurt drink because I was starting to get a sore throat.. =(
The staff were really nice and helpful, the interior was cosy and warm. I will definitely go back to try the American Pancakes, Granola and the Sandwiches! 

© Photo's: Jonathan Vicente

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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