Two days ago, I had my graduation ceremony and received that piece of paper that proves I'm smart enough to go to college. Finally, I'm done with high school and I'm going to college this September. As I said in my first blog post, I will study Nutrition and Dietetics.
I'm really excited and I can't wait to learn new stuff about things I actually like. In high school, you have to learn stuff that you don't even want to know sometimes. You're like whatever but now I chose to study something I like and that feels great!

So, I wore a white dress and Nike's. Everyone was wearing high heels and then I showed up with sneakers, whassup! It was wonderful, everyone was happy and everyone was dressed up. I will definitely miss my school and the funny and amazing people out there, I will keep those memorable moments in my heart! 
Shoutout to my goons.

© Photo's: Jonathan Vicente

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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