Photo diary: Week 46

Hi munchies, I love to make pictures of everything like food, clothes, people, inspiration, random stuff and so on. I was thinking: "If I make pictures everyday, why won't I share it with y'all?". You'll see this post every monday and I'll show the pictures I took the week before. Let me know what you think of this kind of posts, if you like it I'll continue doing this and if not, I'll think about it then!

Monday, November 10

It's now autumn and almost winter time. It's turning really cold with a lot of rain and wind, therefore my hands are really dry. They've always been dry but it's now even worse! This hand cream of Nivea will help my skin through this cold weather.

 My cozy outfit!

In the train on my way to school because I had to make an exam. It went really well! :)

 After doing my exam my lovely boyfriend picked me up for a quick date. We ate Saoto soup at Warung Mini, we deserved it after walking in the cold weather.

Tuesday, November 11

 I LOVE CHEESE! Especially melted cheese.

After I did the first exam yesterday, I started with learning for chemistry. 

Outfit pic before going to work without any makeup. #wokeuplikethis

Treated myself with this cup of ice cream while watching Devious Maids (I watched all seasons, now waiting for season 3)

Wednesday, November 12

I felt like polishing my nails, O.P.I. Casino Royale.

My dad made honey glazed chicken, yummy!

Thursday, November 13

Biology.. Not my thing.

I received this because I'm awesome ..and because I performed at an event.

On my way to school, killing that last exam.

Happy selfie because I finished my exams!

Friday, November 14

I went to the city with my father and sister.

We ate at Hema and I ate chicken already before I could eat the chicken.. Whoops!

Okay, can somebody explain me why this is being sold? A little purse to put in your bra. No.

 I have to say, the dressing room of H&M is really nice.


Loving my new jacket!

Saturday, November 15

Breakfast: leftovers of yesterday.

I went to a food fair with my parents and boyfriend 
and my mom is wearing my jacket, how pretty!
I will upload a vid of the food fair soon :)

Sunday, November 16

My lunch, a popular dish in the Philippines called Tocilog. It's fried rice with pork and eggs.

I rearranged my closet and put clothes away I didn't use. 
So now there's space for new clothes! Yayyy

 Trying this out, a cheap box with sushi.

 I have to say it's not bad for the price you're paying but I prefer fresh sushi! 
This is good if you're at home and you really want to eat sushi 
but you can't go outside to eat sushi in a restaurant.

I hoped you liked my first photo diary post! If you liked it, please let me know so I can continue with this. You can always follow me on Instagram, because I've been uploading a lot of pictures lately.

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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