Photo diary: Week 47

I decided to go on with my photo diary posts, because I do like it. When it's 2015 I can look back to 2014 and I'll see how I wasted my time by doing nothing most of the time, haha no just joking. I think I'm doing a lot of things right now. And actually this week wasn't busy at all.

Tuesday, November 18

I went to school and learned a lot about carbohydrates. 
My brains couldn't handle this anymore. DYING.

Wednesday, November 19
I was the first one at school, loner life.

Nike Roshe Runs

Thursday, November 20

My boyfriend prepared delicious noodles for me!

And in the afternoon we ordered some sushi.

Sushi box, unagi, tempura, seaweed salad.

Friday, November 21

I bought a cute bag for my stuff when I'm travelling or something.

My blue blue sweater!

This little kiddo stayed at my place.


Saturday, November 22
I had a sleepover the night before. Sleepyheads!


This cutiepie joined me on the couch when I got home from work.

Sunday, November 23


Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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