Photo Diary: Week 48

This week has been a bit busy and as you will see I've been eating a lot outside. For my foodies out there: ENJOY!

Monday, November 24

I made homework with a classmate because I'm having
a hard time with some subjects.

A nice meal with meat and onions.

Tuesday, November 25

 It's so hard to wake up, I love sleeping.

I saw this when I went to school, I loved the view.

A Filipino dish: Sinigang

Wednesday, November 26

Warm chocolate with whipped cream in the cold weather!

The best ice skater in the world or just pretending?

Thursday, November 27

I got my vaccination because I'm leaving soon!
I'll be going to the Philippines YAY

After the vaccination I went to "Raoul" with
my dad to eat pancakes.


Little shrimps, have you tried this already?

A midnight snack, noodles with the little shrimpies.

Friday, November 28

I launched my first giveaway! 
If you haven't participated yet then you know what to do. 
The winner will be announced on December 7.

A quick dinner with the boyfriend.
I had teriyaki shrimps with noodles, yum.

Saturday, November 29

My dad bought me a sandwich for my break at work.
Badly enough, my belly wasn't full :(

In the evening I went to Amsterdam to have dinner
with my friends.


Seaweed salad, my favourite salad.

My ladiessss!

Sunday, November 30

A 'Calzone Caprese'. 

I bought a thermo sweater. Perfect for this cold weather.

I made 400 spring rolls with my mom, yummmy!

I hope you enjoyed my food pictures of this week! Stay tuned for next week.

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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