Hi munchies! 

This will be my very first giveaway! It's getting really cold these days and somehow you need to survive these cold days. That's why I made a little package with cute stuff and I will give it to somebody.

The package contains:
- Labello lipbalm set
- Cute candles (not on the picture)
- Batiste dry shampoo
- Gloves for touchscreen
- Superfood: Goji berries
- Vogue magazine which includes a Vogue beanie

How can you win these stuff?
- Follow Chic Munchie on Youtube and Facebook
- Follow @luwiesa on Instagram
- Share this post on instagram and facebook and put #chicmunchie in the caption
There will be only one winner and the winner will be chosen on December 7.

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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