Photo Diary: Week 9 - Mint tea and Sushi!

Hi Munchies! Vorig week was het wel een druk weekje voor mij! Ik heb veel dingen gedaan voor de Challenge die gister begon (Wil je weten over elke Challenge het gaat? Klik dan hier). 

Monday, February 23
My dad makes the best spaghetti ever! Fo'real!!

I still had curls even tho it was curled the other day. I love curls but I'm really happy with my own hair.
I don't have the morning struggles.

Tuesday, February 24

You don't know how much I love tea, especially mint tea!
Just chillin' on the couch with the lovely boyfriend :)

Wednesday, February 25
I uploaded a new video with my friend Karman and in this vid we'll explain what kind of Challenge we're doing.
Thursday, February 26

Breakfast :)
Friday, February 27

It was my boyfriend's birthday and we lunched in 'Du Passage', we had a great time. 

We celebrated his birthday at his home with family and friends. It was fun!

Saturday, February 28


I uploaded an outfit video! If you haven't watched it yet, go check it out.

Lots of love,
Luisa Marie

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